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Dynamic and Static Websites

Responsive website development

Dynamic Website Building

There are hundreds of distinct screen sizes. We at Cosmicvent Software Pvt Ltd group them into broad categories and design them as flexible as necessary. Images will be automatically adjusted, we have a excellent workarounds that provides flexible layouts that will never break when a user switch from portrait orientation to landscape at any instance.

Custom Client Directive Design

Responsive Design gives you a better Quality website.

We understand the grief of clients while they approach us with the Designing website. We profoundly Collaborate with the clients and make the website as directed. So, there is no need to worry we offer you iterations to make changes in website before its Launch.

Web Development
Responsive website development

Static Websites Designing

Static websites are those which are written in plain HTML and CSS. Operational flexibility is the major advantage of static design. You can render different pages if required. Our developers are free to put any special effects that a client may ask. Additionally it is very cost effective.

Advanced Teachnologies

We use the most advanced technologies in building websites. Our dedicated web developers have successfully completed more than 1000 projects for a variety of business domains, Manufacturing companies, Automotive, including e-commerce, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more..

Website Design